Welcome to the home of OpenChurch documentation. On this site we provide you with important information on how to install and manage your OpenChurch website.

OpenChurch is an open source Drupal-based content management system built using the latest tools and best practices the Drupal community has to offer. We built OpenChurch to serve the faith community and provide a free, powerful platform for building Church and faith-based ministry websites all around the world. Our goal is that this will be truly a community project that can grow to continually meet the needs of the faith communities that use this software for years to come.

These documentation pages are written with the assumption that the user of this software has some familiarity with Drupal. For those who are interested in OpenChurch but not yet comfortable with Drupal we recommend that you vist the Drupal documentation page here:

If you have questions on a particular topic you can comment on any of these pages. For additional support, please visit the support page.