Common Installation Problems

Common problems:

Not Enough PHP memory

Many times if the installer fails it is because it has run out of memory. If you read our download page you will see that we recommend at least 512M memory. For those on shared hosting without access to PHP configuration you typically can override the PHP memory in your settings.php (see below).



MySQL (database) settings not properly configured

If you are getting "MySQL server has gone away" you probably need to adjust your MySQL settings. When MySQL is not properly configured can be a difficult problem. That is because most shared providers have very low MySQL settings and do not give people the ability to adjust those settings. It may be required that you change providers.

For those who know how to modify your my.ini file the culprit is often the max_allowed_packet setting. A good article on modify this and other settings can be found on this article called "MySQL: "Warning: MySQL server has gone away"."


PHP error notices

In our download packager we include the following line in sites/default/settings.php to prevent PHP notice errors (see below).

What are notice errors? PHP 5.3 has error notices enabled by default. These are typically harmless notices that can be safely disabled. Many of the contributed modules we package with OpenChurch throw these errors and so we do not have control over these modules to fix these notice errors and so the next best thing is to just disable them.

If you are having still having errors such as the ones below then verify that you have the correct error settings in your PHP configuration or settings.php.


Files directory not writable

If your files directory is not writable you might not even be able to complete the installation. Other times you might see broken images as well as file warnings and errors.

Windows installations typically do not have these problems as much as UNIX and Mac-based operating systems. For more information see "Securing file permissions and ownership" on